Robert Hall

Chinese Snuff Bottles


We would like to offer you the opportunity to buy good bottles at a bargain price.  All bottles listed in this section are now priced at

$4,000  or under.  They are in good condition but we have duplicate examples in our collection and so wanted to offer them to you for a reduced amount.   Please contact for further information. 



No Description Date Height without stopper US $ Price
1 Glass imitating realgar, swirly orange with subtle subdued tones 1730-1820 5.8cm 4000
2 Nephrite, apple-green of rounded form 1780-1850 5cm 3200
3 Glass red overlay with fish 1780-1850   sold
4 Glass, clear with pink, blue and white splashes, the bottle with a wide mouth The Guarnero Collection, Christies New York December 2 1994 Lot 500 1780-1850 6.5cm 4000
5 Glass, opaque white the sides carved with bats 1780-1850 5.3cm 3000
6 Porcelain, painted in iron red enamels with Zhong Kui the demon queller with attendants, the base with the mark Qianlong nianzhi (but not of the period) 1800-1850 6.6cm 2100
7 Glass, dark with ochre and yellow swirls with a tinge of green. Ex Bernice Hasterlik Collection 1736-1750 5cm 4000
8 Porcelain, tall elegant form, decorated with fo lions. Provenance: Private Collection, Minchinhampton, England 1800-1850 7.3cm 2100
9 Glass turquoise colour, RH XVIII no 102 1750-1820 4.5cm 4000
10 Moss agate, beautiful dendritic markings and carved with mask and ring handles 1780-1850 5.6cm 3200
11 Glass red overlay birds and lotus 1780-1850 6cm 2800
12 Banded agate, exceptionally well hollowed 1750-1820 6cm 3200
13 Chalcedony, with silhouette of ducks RHXVIII 56 1780-1850   sold
14 Glass white and mottled cinnabar 1780-1850 5.5cm 2200
15 Macaroni agate, grey and white, the sides carved with mask and ring handles. RH XVII no 65 1780-1850 5.5cm 2100
16 Glass, red overlay carved with double gourds 1736-1795 5.6cm 2800
17 Glass, imitating tortoiseshell, unusual large areas of clear glass 1780-1850 5.5cm 4000
18 Glass, red overlay lotus and orchid in panels 1736-1795 7.4cm 4000
19 Purple glass, carved from a solid mass of glass, possibly in imitation of amethyst, the sides with unusual single rings (without masks) 1780-1850 5.7cm 3000
20 Porcelain, iron red figures 1800-1900 7.2cm 2400
21 Glass, egg form 1850-1900 6cm 1100
22 Glass, pink of splashed souffle effect 1780-1850 4.5cm 3200
23 Glass, yellow with archaic design 1780-1850 6.4cm 2600
24 Glass, carved with sprigs of four different flowers, the sides with mask and ring handles 1736-1795 6.5cm 3300
25 Agate, with white vertical bands 1780-1850 6.4cm 3800